Latest and Upcoming Happenings in The SharePoint Muse’s World

Tweet Well that was an awkward blog title and won’t be responsible for much web traffic. If you made it here, it’s because you are looking for more articles or wondering what I’m up to.  So while I work behind the scenes on updating my blog, here’s a peek into what’s happening in the world […]

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Cobblers Shoes

Getting The Cobbler’s Children To Wear Flip-Flops

Tweet Many people have asked why I’ve not posted anything on my blog recently and there’s an easy explanation. Commitment Issues.  No seriously, I’m touched that readers have reached out and asked me to blog more (thank you forever for your feedback and support) but knowing that people wanted content that wasn’t ready gave me a brief complex.  […]

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What’s the Difference Between SharePoint Branding, User Interface Design and User Experience?

Tweet For anyone overwhelmed with design terminology thrown around during a SharePoint redesign, this list is for you.   Design Design is the process of planning and strategizing a solution to a defined problem.  It is both a verb and a noun.  Design is not limited to visual elements.  Design is not just what it […]

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Top 10 Mistakes in SharePoint 2010 Branding and UI Design

Tweet I’ve been brought in to fix or consult on Branding and UI projects that have gone wrong. These short “break-fix” projects have opened my eyes to some bad practices that seem to be trending. I’ve compiled a list of the worst mistakes that I have been seeing more frequently or that I have seen […]

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Check-In All Pages at the Same Time in SharePoint Server 2010

Tweet One of the joys of building and branding a Publishing site in SharePoint with a team is trying to get everyone to check in their work. When you are working with many people and churning out hundreds of pages a week and a custom brand, you’ll probably be cursing SharePoint’s content approval policies. Content […]

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Fixed Width Layout

Lesson Learned: Using Fixed-Width Layouts in SharePoint

Tweet One of the common pitfalls I’ve seen people unknowingly walk into when branding SharePoint is applying a fixed width layout to a SharePoint site when it isn’t called for. In this article, you will learn what a fixed width layout is and when to apply it to your SharePoint site. A fixed width layout […]

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